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The Water of Beautiful Skin - Ureshino Onsen Ryokan
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TEL. +81-954-42-0130



Hot Spring/Guest Rooms/Meals/Facilities

Hot Spring/Guest Rooms/Meals/Facilities

Hot Spring

Enjoy to your heart's content the water of beautiful skin that makes your skin soft and moist.
The renowned Ureshino Onsen is one of Japan's three best waters of beautiful skin.
The hot, colorless and transparent spring water, which includes high levels of sodium, is of a quality rarely found even in Japan. It is known to moisturize keratinized skin, leaving it sleek and smooth after a bath.
At Yushuku Seiryuu, you will find the "Kobai no Yu", which has separate bathing spaces with open-air baths for men and ladies; and "Hakubai no Yu", a barrier-free private bath for families which offers the use of body care products containing Ureshino tea. Enjoy at your leisure the water from Seiryuu's own spring source, which is gentle on your skin and body.
  • Hot Spring
  • Hot Spring
  • Hot Spring
Click here to see a video on our hot spring
Taishoya Group Privileges for staying guests Exploring the four hot springsTaishoya/Shiibasanso
Guests staying at either Taishoya, Shiibasanso, or Yushuku Seiryuu are welcome to use any of "Shiki no Yu" and "Taki no Yu" at Taishoya, "Yama no Yu" and "Shiiba no Yu" at Shiibasanso. (Free courtesy lifts available) If you would like to use this service, please contact our front desk.
  • Taishoya「Shiki no Yu」Taishoya「Shiki no Yu」
  • Taishoya「Taki no Yu」Taishoya「Taki no Yu」
  • Shiibasanso「Yama no Yu」Shiibasanso「Yama no Yu」
  • Shiibasanso「Shiiba no Yu」Shiibasanso「Shiiba no Yu」

Guest Rooms

Comfortable rooms as cozy as staying at someone's home
Yushuku Seiryuu is a two-story traditional Japanese building surrounding spacious gardens Select the room of your choice from 25 Japanese-style and western-style rooms.
Our prices are incredibly reasonable - perfect for a casual stay.

Wi-FiFree Wi-Fi is available in all guest rooms.

  • Guest RoomsJapanese-style room
  • Guest RoomsWestern-style room
  • Guest RoomsJapanese/Western-style room
  • Guest RoomsWestern-style Room No. 110 (barrier-free room)


We offer meals with seasonable ingredients. Our breakfast comes with homemade "yudofu".

  • Meals
  • Meals
  • Meals

Our chef devotes the culinary skills and spirit fostered at Taishoya and Shiibasanso to each dish, while staying in constant pursuit of tastes that are easy for everyone to enjoy, and which bring a natural smile to our guests' faces.
The chef's special kaiseki full course meal changes every month. The meals are prepared centered around Taishoya's classic premium beef, marine produce from Ariake Sea, and plenty of Saga Prefecture's seasonal ingredients carefully selected by the chef himself.
The monthly dishes are full of color and originality, and are sure to satisfy both your eyes and palate. Our breakfast comes with a hot spring "yudofu", an Ureshino Onsen specialty that is smooth to the taste.



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Yushuku Seiryuu is a two-story traditional Japanese building surrounding spacious gardens
Our two-story building is equipped with an elevator. Our barrier-free guest room is on the first floor for easy access.
We welcome guests with heartfelt hospitality and a wish for everyone to enjoy their trip with peace of mind, including older travelers and those requiring assistance.